Athlete Results

Great North Tri- 07/21

Great result for our two Canadinian athletes, Mark and gary, who smashed it out of the park in the Great White North Tri, Alberta. In their frst outing since the pandemic started, both guys were flying on the bike goin close to the hour for 40km. A strong run saw Gary cross the line to take his firts podium in 3rd place, while Mark charged into the top ten in 6th place. Gary is looking forward to getting a result at Calgary 70.3 in 3 weeks time!

Great Result At Calgary 70.3!

Racesnake Athlete Gary posted a great swim split in his first 70.3 which set him up for a solid bike and great overall time. The run was a tough day out after bike that was changed to include 1000m of climbing only days before the event. Gary showed fantastic resilience and adapatability to overcome set backs and problems thrown up on race day. Great race, great result, great athelte!

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