Mark Rooke : Thanks Carol-IM Sweden Thank you so much. Your expertise and patience made me great today. I’m assuming. You know the stats but just I  case finish 11:09:42 with swim 1:19:50 (par for the course and expected. Bike 5:18:34. Felt awesome and run 4:20:58 guess the fast bike split chewed my legs up but still my fastest

James Chankin: Thanks for Advice “I recently Purchased on Training Peaks: Competition phase Sprint plan for intermediate athlete: Goal times from 60mins- 80mins 8hrs plan. I really like your Training Peaks interval training plan with the strength training implemented into the training schedule.

Dave Roberts: Very Happy “I know I am personally very happy with what you provide as a coach.”

Neil Jones IM Wales:  “Firstly I would like to say that you have gone far beyond what I thought I would ever get  from someone asking for help for my  IM training.
I have told so many people about your help and programmes.”

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